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  • Thistle oil from 1 ton
Thistle oil from 1 ton
  • Thistle oil from 1 ton

Thistle oil from 1 ton

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The thistle is spotty, or a thistle dairy (SILYBUM MARIANUM) - an officinal and ornamental plant of family of Astrov. In the people the thistle received a set of names: "Sharp floridly", "Maryin tatarnik", "a sacred thistle", "Saint Maria's thistle", "a motley thistle", etc.

At many people of the world the thistle is esteemed as the strongest herb, a gift to people from Saint Virgin Mary. According to the legend, Maria pointed to people to curative properties of a thistle, and white spots on leaves symbolize its milk.

The thistle from olden days was widely used as medicine at many diseases. Last century at the Munich institute of pharmaceutics the biochemical structure of a thistle spotty was defined. It turned out that it contains rare biologically active agent silimarin, and also many other medicinal components (in total about 200 valuable components).

Treated a thistle since ancient times various, and hardest illnesses, and quite successfully. The thistle is considered a strong curative plant on treatment of diseases of a liver: cirrhosis, jaundice, its defeats from alcohol, drugs, toxins, radiation. The thistle is applied and at treatment of cholecystitis, an inflammation of bilious channels and a zhelchekamenny disease, a disease of a spleen, a thyroid gland, blood, adjournment of salts, expansions of veins, hypostases, dropsy, obesity, radiculitis and articulate pains, hemorrhoids, allergic diseases.

In dermatology the thistle is applied to treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, baldness, eels. The world famous medicines "Karsil", "Silibor", "Gepatinol" are made of seeds of a thistle.

In national phytotherapy broth of roots of a thistle is applied at a toothache in the form of rinsings, at a diarrhea, an urine delay, radiculitis and spasms.

Juice from leaves of a thistle is drunk at locks, an inflammation of a thick gut and a mucous membrane of a stomach.

Flour from seeds of a thistle reduces a sugar level indicator in blood, purifies even strongly intoxicated blood, helps to cure varicosity.

Not only the thistle is useful to sick, but also healthy people: its use increases ability of a liver to clear an organism of toxins.

Very important property of a thistle - it has no contraindications and side effects.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of vegetable oil:Milk thistle
The degree of extraction:First
Packing:Plastic packaging
Information is up-to-date: 26.01.2018

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