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Calendula oil
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Calendula oil

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

  Calendula oil is considered one of the best base oils used in aromatherapy and other purposes: for skin, hair, and in the treatment of certain diseases.

  About the medicinal properties of plants - marigold, you need to tell apart, but derived from it oil retains these properties, and the cost of it, compared to other base oils are somewhat higher.
  Expensive oil is obtained by the method of maceration - this infusion of dried flowers in warm vegetable oil. This oil more than valuable substances, but its value is determined by the quantitative content of linoleic acid; have the oil and other fatty acids; carotenoids, triterpenoids - have wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, tonic effect; essential oils, sterols - normalize blood cholesterol levels; phenolic acids - have a stimulating effect; bitter sesquiterpene lactones - the substances characterized by high biological activity.


Used calendula oil is widely in cosmetics and medicine, externally and even inside; it can also be used in cooking, adding to some dishes.

On our site you can always order goods at factory price. We care about your health and produce all the goods exclusively with their own raw materials grown on the best fields of Ukraine. Therefore, all of our products - it is 100% high quality, natural and environmentally friendly product!

Available volumes: 0.1 liters; 0.2 l; 0.5 liters.

In the near future we will extend its range of new products.




Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of treatment:Unrefined
The degree of extraction:First
Volume: 100, 200 ml
Additionally: Extracted
Packing:Glass containers
Information is up-to-date: 26.01.2018

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